Laura Mourad wedding Hotel Villa Caletas Costa Rica

Laura Mourad wedding Hotel Villa Caletas Costa Rica

Laura Mourad wedding Hotel Villa Caletas Costa Rica. Hotel Villa Caletas offers new standard in romantic elegance and unique locations ranging from “Rancho Caletas” to a Private beach, the Amphitheatre area and Zephyr Palace. Hotel Villa Caletas offer the best wedding services and combine the finest elements to ensure a perfect and unforgettable experience. The chefs will create a masterpiece menu and the decor will play second to the beautiful setting. Your wedding dream made reality. Whether its intimate wedding ceremony for a few overlooking the Central Pacific Coast or a large lavish wedding with amazing views, elegant dinner and even late night dancing at the disco.

Costa Rica Wedding Officiant, Noel Ibo Campos has been an attorney at law for over twenty years. He has been celebrating weddings as a minister/officiant in hotels, beaches, mountains and rainforests around Costa Rica for ten years. Moreover, he is totally respectful of the wide diversity, of cultures, religions, believes, sexual orientation and individualities within our global community.

He believes that celebrating a civil wedding, a spiritual ceremony, or a renewal of vows is a gift from nature that he performs with passion and commitment because he orchestrates such an act of love from the bottom of his heart. Carrying out a wedding should be much more than just some legal paperwork; in fact, it is for him the opportunity to celebrate the union of two human beings who love each other and wish to live in matrimony. This is a serious and a very important spiritual step; however, it is also an act full of joy and emotions that you may experience only once in a lifetime.

When two people decide to celebrate their wedding day, it is an honor for Noel Ibo to propitiate such a pact of love, strength, commitment, and responsibility in which they will live together and share everything, no longer as two separate souls but as one. Love and many other great feelings flow since the day that you decided to be together. The very same way that you chose one of the most beautiful countries in the planet to celebrate your marriage, renew vows or spiritual ceremony, allow him to share with you that special day in your life, with your friends and your family.

Costa Rica photographer Fabian Murillo

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